Life at Rosebank College

We aim to provide a holistic educational experience where we encourage a healthy balance between work & play. Our facilities are designed with you and your end-goal in mind, boasting

  • Well-furnished classrooms,
  • Helpful libraries fitted with anything and everything required for projects and your studies,
  • And state-of-the-art computer labs.

Our student support team provides

  • Wellness services, by managing life skills development programmes,
  • Primary counselling and
  • Corporate social investment.
  • We also assist students academically through additional skills programmes and workshops.
  • Work Readiness Programmes equip graduates to enter the professional world with greater ease.

In addition to quality academics, we’d like to introduce our students to our more “social-side,” with our Student Council organising a range of cultural, sport and social activities to participate in as part of our rich campus life where students are able to engage as a diverse Rosebank College community.